Welcome to the Vandalia Area Historical Society
From the President of the Vandalia Area Historical Society
Here you will find all the information you need to become acquainted, or re-acquainted, with the Vandalia Area Historical Society, our facilities, exhibitions, and community involvement. Whether you are preparing for a visit to our museum, to our community or the Vandalia library, with just a click take a tour of our facilities and site and find all the information you need. Historical information is more than facts, it affirms that we are not the first generation to live in Vandalia, also that we will not be the last. Historical information tells us that what we do here will make a difference to those who will come here after us, because the actions and choices made by those who came before us have had consequences for all of us. Historical information is a lesson in choices and consequences, and can be a catalyst for creating a world with more understanding and appreciation as well as concern for those with whom we all share this place and the world. Our mission is to deepen the understanding of our past choices, present circumstances, as well as future possibilities, and to strengthen the bonds of the community in order to facilitate solutions to our community's problems. Through your visit to this Web site you will discover the Vandalia Area Historical Society's offerings of intriguing and exciting exhibits and archival resources. These include lectures, Museum tours, special events and presentations by visiting guests. You will also discover an opportunity to participate in the discussion, thinking,and decision-making processes that will make our community a better place for future generations and a better place for us today. Enter